Monday, December 01, 2008

Giving Thanks!

Lots to give thanks for such as... an amazing thanksgiving dessert table! Kudos Pulleys!

Our really cool Dad. Love U Darin.

Perfect little gifts that remind me of increadible people in my life. Thanks again Sara.!

Really super little boys who love transformers, spiderman, the Hulk, who has "one really big arm muscle" eats cottage cheese, apple juice, ranch dressing and beef jerky. A little boy who can amazingly do the splits just like his sister, say a better prayer than his sisters, and is now getting braver to be in nursery himself. One little boy that hangs with his mom all day, makes her laugh , sword fights, and boxes with her and gives her the best kisses and hugs a guy has ever given her. Happy 3rd Birthday!!! Hayden LeGrande Smith!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Last The Best of All The Game!

Our last Halloween party of the season was with the Awesome Smith family. We always have a really great time with Grandma and Grandpa Smith and cousins. Grandma Smith is quite the party planner. She is amazing at her role as Grandma always finding equal amounts of time to share with each grandchild. We all think she is pretty special. This year she organized snacks at aunt Debbie's new house and then on to trick or treating around their neighborhood. We worked really hard for each piece of candy we got, there were lots of hills, long driveways and big yards for little legs to walk, run and cross. Vivian felt a little jipped, when we decided to give up. Her exact words were "Well this trick or treating really stinks!" However, we were saved when her super cool older cousin Jake was thoughtful enough to empty all of his candy into Vivs. She was smiling ear to ear. It really was one of the nicest things I ever saw a young boy his age do. Thanks Jake, I will always remind her of your kind deed. As the evening wore on we ventured up the neighborhood over to aunt Deanna's new home. Here the homes were a little closer and the kids got their second wind, so out the door they went again trick or treating with their beautiful older cousin, Danielle. Afterwards we ate delicious potato soup, bread sticks and sipped roach infested cider. However folks, the party didn't end there. The next day it was on to the SMITH FAMILY FARM. It just wouldn't be Fall if we didn't get over to the farm. The farm is a true family treasure, and for the last few years Darins cousin has turned it into a place of pure fun. We love to run through the corn mazes bask in the box of corn kernals, pick pumpkins, huge sunflowers and be grossly amazed by Leroy the 1200 pound pig. Thank you Smith family! We love you!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Graveyard Smash!

During this busy Halloween month we were able to squeeze in a really fun friend party for the girls. The guest list included some cleverly cute characters such as the "Candy Corn Queen", an Oompa Loompa, A vampiress, Wendy the witch none other than thee Nancy Drew and some other wicked cool costumed little ladies . Thanks Moms. We had a wild and crazy time to say the least! The activity list was filled with games such as making witches brew, trick or treating and examining zombie eyes and skeleton teeth. Totally creepy and fun!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

MOnster MaSh!

Well folks, we enjoyed the first Halloween bash, here at the Smith home, It was filled with cousins, cupcakes, costumes and crazy's. First on the agenda was pictures of everyone's cute costumes. Then we had a delicious meal of chili, chowder, breadsticks and almost a vegetable tray (love you Shauna:). The pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting was delish, wish I had more right this second. Then it was on to cupcake decorating, a treasure hunt lead by Darin, and a fun murder game for the adults which ended in some seriously dramatic deaths. The party carried on till about 12:00 when the crazy's began to come out. My mom always told me that nothing good happened after midnight. Guess now I have some solid proof. YIKES! **SMILE** Thank you family for always humoring me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October Fest

We have had a really enjoyable October, besides "all things Halloween" we love the change of weather and the beautiful colors we have witnessed here on the mountain. We also had a fun little incident at the beginning of the month. I was driving home from the kids school, when to my wonderous surprise, a rather large tortoise was strolling along in the road. It seemed very out of place, I wasn't quite sure what to do, but without much hesitation I loaded it carefully into my vehicle and took it home for a while. The kids enjoyed following it around the yard and watching it devour the lettuce we fed it. It was a sweet little guy. But we knew we could not keep it so with the help of wildlife officials we found its home. During this wonderful Fall season we are also easily entertained by the group of wild turkey that graze on the insects around our property. It always catches me off gaurd when I look out the window and see these huge birds walking across my driveway.
We, o.k. I, anxiously await Halloween, partly because I love to decorate with all the spooky items I have found over the years. However, after arranging everything "just so" around the house I felt a little overwhelmed with it all. I questioned my "overdoingitness" Luckily, after observing my friend Sarah's decor on her blog, I realized I was on the right track, infact when I saw the picture of her mantle I was almost shocked! It looked so similar to mine!. Yeah me! I am so glad I have made hip, fringy, friends like her in our area to keep me in check. I just don't know what I would do if these awesome Ladies were to leave.:) I also decided to take a few more pics of our scenery outside the home, for my good friends who live in other far away countries and have not been able to come see my space. You know who you are. I have included the view off our back deck, but just in case you were wondering, our view from the front is just as amazing. Hurry and get yourself back here so we can plant a garden with passion!LOL

Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is totally great! my blog is getting so much fancier! Thanks to all my blog friends! It has even inspired me to update a little on our adventures of this weekend. O.k. So I don't know if I would call it an adventure. But we were lucky to have some very nice friends who dubbed us their Mountainside condo for the week. It was so perfectly beautiful up there, the days were lovely for enjoying the outdoors and the nights were excellent for hot tubbing! The kids didn't want to leave. We even chowed down on a carmel apple. How Fallish of us! Hayden called his apple a Bayebaye (baby), not sure how to spell the unique way he pronounces it) but really it was a carmel and chocolate mellow and it was quite tastey! We walked around on some of the PC trails and Hayden thought he was pretty lucky when Viv found him a "bayebaye" slug. Though he is pretty rough and tumbly he is also pretty nurturing. He carried that slug during our entire walk finding it food, and a rock to sleep on, however by the time we got back to the car, not realizing it he had rolled the slug into a little ball. Yet... he still insisted he keep it and put it in his pocket. After this weekend we definitely are fuelled up for the Fall and looking forward to our favorite... Halloween!

Monday, August 11, 2008

July happenings...

Hello all! I thought I would get a couple of new pictures and events recorded and reported. Though July is as always hot and busy, we had a lot of fun with our friends and family and I want to thank everyone who contributed to this "funness." We had a nice 24th of July gathering at our house, which I have included an updated picture of (our house that is). We had lots of good food and of course the Bacciocco sarcasm, bantering and crazy kids always liven up the party. Taking the kids for spin around the mountain on the 4 wheeler is always a favorite and as the evening wore on, even the adults could not resist the nostalgia of holding and waiving the sparklers, it was all fun and games until the first kid got burnt and immediately there after one stepped on a carelessly disposed sparkler laying on the ground. Lets just say at that point all Hell broke loose! And thank heavens it was time for bed. Ahhh... the memories. I have included the last picture of our Funny Hayden showing me the small group of deceased grasshoppers in his jar. He is very thorough with his interest in the "HOPPERS." First, he either finds them and captures them, or just steps on them and squishes them. If he has caught a few he puts them in his jar and checks on them daily and shows them to me at least 3 times a day. Whether they are dead or alive. All I can say is it is a good thing I had plenty of these beady eyed suckers in my back yard growing up. I still hold no remorse for the medical procedures we would perform on those little guys with our sticks and rocks. We sure have had plenty in Tooele this year! At least four or five catch a ride up the dirt road to our home as we travel past the oak brush and fields. Good Memories...Good times.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Time!

This summer has been so busy I can't believe that school will be starting in just a few weeks. We had a really great family reunion with Darins Family in Heber at the Homestead. Everything was perfect the company the boating and the food was devine. Last week we enjoyed a 6 day "Staycation" We started out at Thanksgiving Point with our good friends the Rothwells, we did everything from the dinosaur museum to the Petting Farm, we then stayed the evening at the cabin in American Fork and roasted smores. We then ventured over to Salt Lake we went to the Zoo and swam at the hotel, relaxed on Temple Square and highly recomend the Joseph Smith movie at the Joseph Smith Memorial. It was very well done and really impressed us with the spirit and strength of the pioneers and particularly Joseph Smith. After 2 days of excitement in Salt Lake we traveled on to Farmington where we met up with the Pauni's and had a really great time at the Lagoon. And finally we ended the fabulous staycation in Ogden, with Darins sister Danette and her fun, cute family.
Grandma and Grandpa Bacciocco came with us as well to the Dinosaur Park and the original Farrs ice cream parlor there in the fine city of Ogden. We slept up at Wolfcreek that night so we could do some more swimming and enjoyed being in such a beautiful canyon. It was an ideal vacation for our kids they enjoyed being with family and friends and the fact we didn't have to drive to far to have this much fun was perfect.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Our Viv and The Hulk!

So... I have finally been harassed enough times about my site being so far behind. You can all callate la boca! You guys and your smart remarks! Ew you!:)
In this entry I am going to pretty much highlight my VIV! She is so great! It is so awesome to know what she has been through and to see where and what she is doing now. She is so full of life! Viva la VIV! Vivian just graduated from all day Kindergarten she did really well and especially enjoyed the social side of it! Her very favorite friend is Tylee, highlighted here in her pics. They are two peas in a pod, when they get together all volume control goes out the window. They have a second language they use with each other called "Konie, Konie". They are a couple of goofballs. Vivian also played soccer for her first time, she did really good she even scored a goal. (we never told her it was for the other team) Besides being social she loves makeup, anything pink, Parmesan cheese, swinging, jump roping, walking her "dog cousin" Izzy and finding worms with Julia. She is a spirited person and we are lucky to have her in our family.

I have also included these cute photos of Hayden and our Dad. Dr. Holt and his wife Julia brought these back for the boys from their trip to Florida. Hayden is really into the super heroes. Especially the Hulk. He thinks Dr. Holt's name is Dr. Hulk. He will also show you a great spider man pose if you ask him. He is TOTAL boy and so much fun. Well, that is all for now folks. Hope everyone is doing good and Heath I will try to take more pictures of the house and such, and actually post them. Love you all! The Smiths

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snow Dayz!

HELLO! Friends and Family,

I am posting some new pics, of some of our fun in the snow. The kids made a little snow cave at the cabin because there was so much of the white stuff!
How could a kid resist!!!
Annie our dog even got in on the action.
It was great fun until the reality of FREEZING hit.