Thursday, February 01, 2007

Catching Up!

Hi friends,
just want to catch everyone up on the Smiths. First and foremost Viv is doing great we went to Primary's a week ago and the doctor said that the pressure detected on her heart was not showing this time on the eco. We have had an overwhelming sense of peace and relief. We appreciate all your prayers in her behalf. The holidays went well it is always nice to have them over. It was interesting creating Christmas in our little apartment. But it will be one we never forget. Our house is close to being finished they are working on the exterior right now and I will try to post some pics soon. The Kids are great, Hayden is sportin a new haircut courtesy of Barber Darin. He's lookin hot. The girls are great! often there is a little more drama than I can stand to listen to or deal with, but they are so great to help me and each other. The dialog between them is priceless. Julia had a Rockstar party for her birthday it was fun, they had a great time rockin out to High School Musical with friends and cousins. Oh, and one more Smith fact, Julia's reflection entry went to state it was one out of four in all the entrys in Tooele. That was fun! Take care everyone! Love the Smiths