Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Last Pics of 2007

Well friends, these will most definitly be the last Smith pics of 2007. Just to give you a quick update, we have continued to greatly appreciate, our house and its surroundings. The heavy snowfalls have really created a beautiful landscape to enjoy and our home is such a cozy place to come home to. The snow also gave Darin an excuse to buy a four-wheeler, he loves to buzz around shoveling the snow and then plowing into it. The kids of course love it and so does Annie (our dog).

The kids are doing really well, Hayden just turned 2 and right now he is the most fun, yet can totally be the biggest stinker! He loves, loves his sisters, he also loves any kind of ball, and "toot toot" (train). He is so active and has the marks to prove it. Right now he has a bruise on his forehead and chin, a shiner and his bottom tooth got knocked down into his gum. Viv is doing really well, she is in all day pre-school and is really enjoying it especially the social part. She loves her friend Gwenny, and is not allowed to be at the same table with her because they get way too silly. Viv loves to color and especially "cut" she loves to cut anything, paper, string, her stuffed animals fur, her own hair, and she even decided for no reason to cut a hole in her shirt in class. Unfortunatly it all ends up under her bed which ends up looking like a hamster cage with shavings. She is a funny bug.
Julia, is the best big sister, she is a bright little girl too. They just asked her to be in the gifted and talented program at her school. She is also quite social and seems to know someone where ever we go in Tooele. She loves Hanna Montana and Highschool Musical, we got the chance to go see Highschool Musical on Ice and we all had a really fun time. She is really into rock collecting and just got a rock tumbler from grandma and grandpa Bacciocco.
In September I got a chance to visit friends in New York, we had such a fun time visiting and sight seeing. Me and Liz really enjoyed our morning runs to the cloisters and by the river. We all enjoyed our strolls through Harlems side of central park and the Spanish art exhibit that we encountered along the way. We also got to visit an inspiring Rembrant exhibit at the MET. But the best was our random quirky dinning experiences :) and long chats on the subway.

We want to wish you all a very happy and peacful New Year! Love, the Smiths!