Sunday, October 26, 2008

MOnster MaSh!

Well folks, we enjoyed the first Halloween bash, here at the Smith home, It was filled with cousins, cupcakes, costumes and crazy's. First on the agenda was pictures of everyone's cute costumes. Then we had a delicious meal of chili, chowder, breadsticks and almost a vegetable tray (love you Shauna:). The pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting was delish, wish I had more right this second. Then it was on to cupcake decorating, a treasure hunt lead by Darin, and a fun murder game for the adults which ended in some seriously dramatic deaths. The party carried on till about 12:00 when the crazy's began to come out. My mom always told me that nothing good happened after midnight. Guess now I have some solid proof. YIKES! **SMILE** Thank you family for always humoring me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October Fest

We have had a really enjoyable October, besides "all things Halloween" we love the change of weather and the beautiful colors we have witnessed here on the mountain. We also had a fun little incident at the beginning of the month. I was driving home from the kids school, when to my wonderous surprise, a rather large tortoise was strolling along in the road. It seemed very out of place, I wasn't quite sure what to do, but without much hesitation I loaded it carefully into my vehicle and took it home for a while. The kids enjoyed following it around the yard and watching it devour the lettuce we fed it. It was a sweet little guy. But we knew we could not keep it so with the help of wildlife officials we found its home. During this wonderful Fall season we are also easily entertained by the group of wild turkey that graze on the insects around our property. It always catches me off gaurd when I look out the window and see these huge birds walking across my driveway.
We, o.k. I, anxiously await Halloween, partly because I love to decorate with all the spooky items I have found over the years. However, after arranging everything "just so" around the house I felt a little overwhelmed with it all. I questioned my "overdoingitness" Luckily, after observing my friend Sarah's decor on her blog, I realized I was on the right track, infact when I saw the picture of her mantle I was almost shocked! It looked so similar to mine!. Yeah me! I am so glad I have made hip, fringy, friends like her in our area to keep me in check. I just don't know what I would do if these awesome Ladies were to leave.:) I also decided to take a few more pics of our scenery outside the home, for my good friends who live in other far away countries and have not been able to come see my space. You know who you are. I have included the view off our back deck, but just in case you were wondering, our view from the front is just as amazing. Hurry and get yourself back here so we can plant a garden with passion!LOL