Sunday, March 01, 2009

Feelin the LOVE!

This ones for you Nancy....Drew. :) February was YES! full of snow, crafting, candy, doves, Valentines, cupids and well...Lots and lots of LOVE. (O.k. there really weren't any doves or cupids.)
First on our list of February projects, the girls were assigned to bring a Valentines box to school. Dad helped them with the first part of the box by wrapping and cutting out the mail slot, then of course being the o.c.d. person that I am, that just wasn't enough so we added the last little bit as an after thought. (o.k. o.k. so that part wasn't so little.) But the girls were quite pleased with the result so it made for a pleasant "joint" project. It seemed like we were working on Valentines the whole month of Feb. Hayden carried his Transformer valentines around everyday till they were lost and scattered through out the house. On Valentines day we had a busy, busy day of passing out Valentines to neighbors, friends and lovers. (umm..o.k. no lovers) But it felt like all of Tooele.
The day went fairly smoothly considering the busy activity of the holiday, until my kids started arguing about cleaning up their many toys, clothes, cd's etc. Suddenly our "LOve" came to a screeching ha ult and the meanest mom in the world "me" decided all toys were going to be thrown away in garbage bags. Pretty much that was the biggest display of drama ever to be performed by the Smith girls. About 30 minutes later all was good, and weary bouts of "I love you mom" rang in my ears once again.
I have to say our most treasured moments of the day was the excitement of the door bell ringing and finding fun Valentines on our front porch from our Awesome friends. We were totally spoiled by the Wilson family, it was almost like a little bag of Christmas. (But...u-no it was Valentines.) Thank you Wilsons! We have such thoughtful and creative friends! Thank you everyone! We hope you all had a really memorable Valentines as well! P.S. They still haven't asked for the 4 bags of toys back. HUH?... P.P.S. I had to throw in this amazing pic of a scene out my window this Feb. ENJOY!