Monday, December 01, 2008

Giving Thanks!

Lots to give thanks for such as... an amazing thanksgiving dessert table! Kudos Pulleys!

Our really cool Dad. Love U Darin.

Perfect little gifts that remind me of increadible people in my life. Thanks again Sara.!

Really super little boys who love transformers, spiderman, the Hulk, who has "one really big arm muscle" eats cottage cheese, apple juice, ranch dressing and beef jerky. A little boy who can amazingly do the splits just like his sister, say a better prayer than his sisters, and is now getting braver to be in nursery himself. One little boy that hangs with his mom all day, makes her laugh , sword fights, and boxes with her and gives her the best kisses and hugs a guy has ever given her. Happy 3rd Birthday!!! Hayden LeGrande Smith!!!


Jennifer said...

Hi! Thanks for letting us come over last night. We had so much fun talking with you guys. Phil kept saying, wow those guys are so amazing! Plus Phil's goal now is work out really hard so he can look like Darin. ;) Love your new background too!

Sara said...

aahh shucks laurie.

i'm thankful for cool people like you...who made living here even better...who shares my fondness for lovely things...who appreciates a good discussion about anything out of the blue...who makes me laugh...who "spreads joy"...who introduced me to dolmades, Ogden canyon, pringles sticks, and homemade syrup...who cares about the little touches...and whose friendship i will always bring with me where-ever these modern gypsies may roam...let the tears commence...:)

Miller Time!!! said...

Hey luv,
I enjoyed our chat in the grocery store last night. i had a nice time shopping ALONE. I am looking for your yummy cookies. I just want to tell you that Myra and I log onto your blog all the time, just to listen to your music. we love it. we dance, look at your colorful page and cook, sing, smile. we think of you. love you music, love you.
chat later

Jill said...

It was so great to hear from you! Your blog is so cute!!! I love the background! I need to change up mine!!!
Kelli got me blogging and it has been sooo fun! I just love seeing your kiddos!!! They are so adorable and growing up so fast!!! What a beautiful family you have!
I wish we could see you guys!!! I know my girls would have a blast with yours! If you ever head down to St. George to see Jill and Steve, let us know! We go visit Mark's family there a lot! Well, KIT and keep smilin'
Your Cuz, Jill