Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Our Viv and The Hulk!

So... I have finally been harassed enough times about my site being so far behind. You can all callate la boca! You guys and your smart remarks! Ew you!:)
In this entry I am going to pretty much highlight my VIV! She is so great! It is so awesome to know what she has been through and to see where and what she is doing now. She is so full of life! Viva la VIV! Vivian just graduated from all day Kindergarten she did really well and especially enjoyed the social side of it! Her very favorite friend is Tylee, highlighted here in her pics. They are two peas in a pod, when they get together all volume control goes out the window. They have a second language they use with each other called "Konie, Konie". They are a couple of goofballs. Vivian also played soccer for her first time, she did really good she even scored a goal. (we never told her it was for the other team) Besides being social she loves makeup, anything pink, Parmesan cheese, swinging, jump roping, walking her "dog cousin" Izzy and finding worms with Julia. She is a spirited person and we are lucky to have her in our family.

I have also included these cute photos of Hayden and our Dad. Dr. Holt and his wife Julia brought these back for the boys from their trip to Florida. Hayden is really into the super heroes. Especially the Hulk. He thinks Dr. Holt's name is Dr. Hulk. He will also show you a great spider man pose if you ask him. He is TOTAL boy and so much fun. Well, that is all for now folks. Hope everyone is doing good and Heath I will try to take more pictures of the house and such, and actually post them. Love you all! The Smiths