Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Smiths in Yellowstone!

This summer we spent a week with all the Smiths for a reunion in Island Park. It was great to see everyone. In meeting up with everyone we stayed a night in Idaho Falls, we slept over night in the Ramada Inn, we had a fantastic view of the temple and there was a super great parkway which we took advantage of and strolled down the way to find a yummy snow cone shop located in an old train car. It was a very charming area. When arriving to our final destination, we stayed in a nice big cabin fitting all 34 of us located on Spread Eagle lane. Nice name eh? Anyway, it was so beautiful, forest everywhere, it was full of streams, rivers and lakes. We saw eagels, moose, and tons of buffalo, it is an amazing place, one I hope we go back to visit again. We went on a fun raft ride down the river, drove around to all the geysers and had a great time visiting with all the Smiths. On our way home we stopped at Bear World I would highly recomend it for families with little kids. It was perfect, there was a petting Zoo where the kids were actually petting fawns and deer. We also got to feed bears from a vehicle. They provide the pastries for us to feed the bears (mainly hostess products) and when they handed them to us Hayden helped himself by sampling them all. He is kinda like a little bear cub.

Fun in the Sun!

This summer was busy but one of the most enjoyable activities we did was hang out at the beach near our cabin. The kids had a great time they love the water, Julia is the first to jump in or off the boat. She's a fish. Viv loves the water just a little more timmid right now. And Hayden, he thinks he is just as big as the rest of the kids and will swim all over by himself if he has his floatys on. They love the sand just as much, making animals and sandcastles and rolling all over in it and then running into the lake to wash off. It was extra fun when the cousins came.


At the beginning of summer a group of Ladies and their kids took a rode trip to Disneyland. We jumped aboard and had a really fun time! The girls had a blast with all their neighborhood friends and it was fun just casually soaking up the whole experience. We of course had to make appointments to Libby lu's in Downtown Disney and get "Glammed" up. We always love to eat at the Blue Bayou, this time it was even better knowing we were seconds away from JACK SPARROW! Ahrg! Though Pirates of the Carribean is my favorite ride, the girls broke away from their traditional favorite the "Dumbo ride" and found new favorites this time. Julia loved Spash Mountain and they thought Peter Pan was really cool, they also felt very grown up when I let them go on the Tea Cups all by themselves with a friend, and finally we gave the new Finding Nemo Sub ride a 2 thumbs up!

The Homestead!

The new home is great, we enjoy every part of it especially the views, we just put grass in as of yesterday and it is heaven. However, somehow Hayden still continues to find the mud and just tracked a whole pile of it up our stairs! He is quite the boy. His favorite word is "NO" even if he really wants to say "yes." He loves all kinds of balls no matter the sport. And for right now he is quite lovable, he shares his kisses and hugs with the girls, and only periodically a hard smack in the head from somthing he is throwing.